Change the security paradigm
No Certificates - No Latency

NCoded Starts with a Baseline of 3 Layers of Encryption

NCoded Secure Solutions, at its core, begins with three layers of encryption, eliminates certificates, and auto-generates single-use keys. And that’s just the start. A new communication paradigm now exists of global interconnectivity, and this has created the need to secure our data in an intuitive and simplistic manner. The demand for more interconnected and simpler ways to communicate and move data will not end…nor should it as our technology progresses daily with the growth of Smart Cities, Safe Cities, and Global communication integration. Security that’s available as universally as our smart devices will have a tremendous and positive impact on enterprise security. NCoded provides proactive security solutions to ensure your business is protected from evolving threats that break through other, reactive security options.

NCoded Secure Solutions, simply secure.

Who We Are

NCoded is a cybersecurity solutions company that offers a suite of products and services to protect your enterprise from hacking, piracy, ransomware and other data breaches. The NCoded Secure Solutions suite has been developed with the security needs of the enterprise in mind. When paired with the technical expertise of our staff and the commercial insight of our executives, NCoded Secure Solutions are a security game changer bringing you a new, never imagined level of enterprise-wide cybersecurity.